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About Over The Edge

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On April 23rd, 1995, Over the Edge Sports was born in Fruita, Colorado, USA. Fruita was in rebuilding mode after a sudden collapse in the energy economy. The passionate crew at Over the Edge and a key group of supporters and riders saw the town as a hidden gem and the surrounding public lands as the perfect recipe for a mountain bike town. 

The unique legacy of Over the Edge began as we scrambled to prepare a 90-year-old nearly abandoned building into a bike shop while carving out a network of singletrack trails in the desert north of Fruita off of “18 Road” before knowing we even needed to ask permission to do so. As the Federal Land Managers told the OTE crew to “stop,” the City of Fruita opened a door between mountain bikers and land managers. That led Over the Edge and Fruita to become an international example of leadership in mountain bike trail development and public land relations. 

In April of 1996, on our first anniversary, we hosted the inaugural Fruita Fat Tire Festival, and the word of Western Colorado mountain biking was out! Attendees from across the globe came to ride bikes and join the movement in Fruita. Fruita USA, as an MTB World destination, was off and running. 

Our involvement in helping other communities develop MTB Tourism led to OTE partner stores in some incredible places. You can find OTE stores Hurricane Utah, Melrose South Australia, and Todos Santos BCS Mexico, and of course - Fruita USA. 

We offer our most sincere gratitude to the people who showed up to ride and became our friends.

Come ride with us!

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South Australia

Todos Santos BCS