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Suspension Services

 Get your suspension serviced quickly by Over The Edge…

Does your local shop want to send your suspension away to the factory or a suspension rebuild service company, keeping your bike off the trails for weeks, or even months? Save yourself the shipping, hassle, and time by coming to see us at Over The Edge, Fruita. 

We turn around most brands of forks and shocks in within days! Sometimes faster. Our amazing technicians are prepared to do nitrogen charging and even minor customization on certain fork and shock models.  It’s that quick and easy. We have most rebuild kits in stock and the best team of “I need to get back on the trails” technicians on the planet!

Service Menu

Fork Seal Service


Includes fork disassembly, oil change, service of Fox or Rock Shox air piston and seals installed. Fork seals and parts are extra. (most fork seal kits are about $40)

Fork Extra Labor:

$45 | Service of Fox FIT and TALAS cartridge, and RockShox Charger Damper.

Full Shock Overhaul


Includes shock disassembly, damper included, oil change, nitrogen charge and seal replacement. Oil and Nitrogen Charging are included. Seals and parts are extra. (most seal kits are about $20)

Shock Extra Labor and Terminology:

$40 | Shock Air Can Seal/Oil Replacement– (many people think this service is a “rebuild”, but it’s not. However, often this is all most shocks need)

$15 | DU bearing install (most people call this a bushing. This repair fixes looseness or play in your rear suspension)

Dropper Post Service


Includes diagnosis and repair. Price will depend on post brand and complexity of repair. A typical price for a Rock Shox Reverb full rebuild runs $75.00.

Dropper Post Extra Labor:

$15-$30 | for dropper post install. Internally routed posts can require much disassembly of the bike on some models. 

$15 | Rock Shox Reverb Bleed.

Stay Cushy!

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